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Kailash Bafna is the treasurer of Taramati Bafna School for the Blind, TBSB Is the first school for the blind in the Aurangabad, Today Taramati Bafna is a global leader and innovator in education, teacher training and accessible technology focused on enabling children and young adults who are blind or visually impaired to realize their potential. KB oversees TBBS’ operating and support groups, including: Taramati Bafna School for the Blind, Taramati Bafna eLearning for Aurangabad Maharashtra.

Kailash Bafna guided growing this ever growing organization as an Trustee, board member and advisor for more than 18 years..

Message from Kailash Bafna

At Taramati Bafna, we are always int the search for new ways to make the world a better place for people who are blind and visually imparied deafblind.

More than 4.5 million children around the world are not in school, simply because of blindness related disabilities. it is appalling to see That Aurangabad Maharashtra, 75 percent of people who are blind are unemployed. We want to change this status quo by preparing students through academics and vocational training, by training educators, and by sharing our know-how with organizations that serve the blind communitiesy around the globe. This is the shared mission of our Three divisions: Taramati Bafna School for the Blind.

We are currently focused on three important primary initiatives: Transition to adult living, Literacy through braille, and Innovation.

Our educational goal is to prepare students for a successful transition to life beyond the classroom. From independent living skills to vocational readiness, transition to adult living is a part of everything we do at our school, and is the foundation of the educational approaches we share with educators, professionals and families in the 67 countries we serve. We want to help individuals who are blind to become productive and engaged citizens.

We believe literacy through braille is a critical life skill – even in a world of audio books, voice recognition and other communication technologies. Among blind adults who are employed, 85 percent rely on braille. Unfortunately, only 10 percent of today’s students who are blind learn braille. We want to make braille easier to teach and learn, and to make literacy through braille a priority among schools and parents.

Innovation is key to our success – from assistive technology to online education to creative approaches to teaching. Our insights begin with the individuals we serve, in the classroom and around the world. By taking a fresh, human-centered approach to the challenges of the blind community, and by adopting new technologies, we want to offer better products and services and reach a larger population.

These initiatives are all part of the legacy of innovation that defines our organization. Taramati Bafna has served as a catalyst for change and progress since our founding 18 years ago. I invite you to visit Taramati Bafna and learn more about what we are all about. Join us as we unleash the power of possibility, here and around the world.

Vimlarani Bafna (Vice-Chairperson/Trustee)

Mrs. Vimarani Bafna has been involved with several foundations and social development projects over the years. She is a dedicated and active member of the Jain Internation Women Organization with a keen eye on all aspects of the institution. The school has benefitted vastly under her able guidance.

Sandeep Bafna (Hon. Secretary/Trustee)

Founder and CEO of Fort Motor Comapny, Mr. Sundeep Bafna is an ace academician and a seasoned business leader with more than 30+ years of experience across markets in India.

Ekta Bafna (Hon. Secretary/Trustee)

Mrs. Ekta Bafna is graduate from Mumbai University and She presently contributes her time to social work and is a key member of the school’s management committee where she has taken a keen interest in the growth of TBBS.

Nirupama Bafna (Hon. Secretary/Trustee)

Chairperson and Founder of The Evolving Minds preschool, Aurangabad. She has Running Learning Pitara from past 20 years. Mrs. Nirupama has 20+ Experaince in kids Behaviour and Physciology.

Chinmay Bafna (Member)

Muskaan Bafna (Member)



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