People buy into the Leader before they buy into the Vision


Our Vision

The school aims to create a Society where all children with vision loss have all that is rightfully theirs and access to every opportunity to realize their potential. A place, to accommodate 10,000 students and to have a university to cater to the special needs of special children. A place that puts people first, communicating effectively with transparency, engaging the students through collaborative projects, Achieving meaningful and measurable results, exceeding expectations and touching individual lives and striving to improve quality and resources.


Our Mission

The main sentiment behind the mission is to wipe out more tears and to bring down hunger. Taramati Bafna Blind School for the Blind serves to create solutions, and expand possibilities so people with vision loss of all ages and all degrees of blindness can achieve their full potential.Its mission is to support the underprivileged in the areas of education, rehabilitation and spirituality.



Share a Ray of Hope - With The Rakum School for The Blind - 2017

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